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The Village Loan

  • Loan Refinance up to $5M
  • Amortization to 25 yrs.
  • Low fixed interest rates.
  • For multi-family, rental units of 5+
  • 40% minimum leased to LMI tenants.
  • Lower cost energy produced on-site.
  • Complete Energy Audit

Whether you are a for-profit or a non-profit multi-unit property owner, improving your energy efficiency reduces energy costs and carbon emissions, while increasing net operating income.

If you have 5 units or more, with 40% of your tenants being low-moderate income, we can help you determine where there are opportunities to reduce energy costs, improve energy efficiency and create a healthier occupant environment. 

The Village Loan finances energy improvement projects such as the installation of solar panels, power storage batteries, energy efficient HVAC systems, weatherization of doors and windows, lighting, etc.

Use your energy savings and tax rebates to repay the loan!