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Who We Finance

At the Clean Energy Fund of Texas, we provide financing to a variety of groups of people. We want to accelerate the green economy by directing financing into multiple market channels, helping more Texans save money and save energy.

Community-based organizations like nonprofits and religious institutions are respected entities in their neighborhoods. They are also energy users that can save money and energy by making clean energy upgrades and efficiency improvements. We proudly finance enhancements to community-based organizations, whose members and supporters can be inspired by what they see to make upgrades to their own homes and businesses.

Residential financing is a core element of the Clean Energy Fund of Texas approach. Homeowners can save money and save energy by accessing affordable financing to add solar panels, retrofit their homes and make other upgrades. We can’t fully transition to a clean energy economy fast enough unless everyone is part of the effort. We open up the green economy to more homeowners so that, together, we can reduce our energy demand and strengthen our communities.

Suppliers of solar panels, high-efficiency insulation, water-saving appliances, smart grid technology, HVAC units and other materials have the opportunity to expand their reach and help more Texans. With financing from the Clean Energy Fund of Texas, these suppliers can get bigger and shift the market toward greener homes, businesses and community organizations.

Small and large businesses can benefit from Clean Energy Fund of Texas financing in various ways. Limiting access to money-saving, energy-saving upgrades is inequitable and won’t get us far enough fast enough to fix the climate crisis. From fires to floods and from droughts to hurricanes, the threats are too great to rely on traditional financing models that are cumbersome and can burden businesses with debt. We accelerate financing to small businesses so they can make money-saving upgrades that might otherwise be out of reach. Meanwhile large businesses, including shopping centers and commercial centers, can access affordable financing for green projects that pay for themselves over time and truly move the needle on energy savings.

Buildings are heavy users of energy, water and other resources. Let’s change that together. Investing in affordable upgrades that make your buildings more efficient save you money over time and make your building more attractive to tenants. We are experienced at working with building owners who have to juggle multiple priorities and moving pieces.