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What is the Clean Energy Fund of Texas?

At the Clean Energy Fund of Texas, we provide the capital investment to kickstart the chain reaction that grows the clean energy economy. From investing in micro suppliers to supporting the wholesale shift of the labor force to newer, cleaner jobs, our responsible financial approach forms the backbone of this new economy. 

We offer low-cost financing for home, office and community based green energy solutions. Limiting access to money-saving, energy-saving upgrades is inequitable and won’t get us far enough fast enough to fix the climate crisis. We make sure financing is available to Texans from all backgrounds. We remove red tape and provide trusted, competitive financing so that every Texan can be part of this movement.

Does the Clean Energy Fund of Texas have regular customers like a commercial bank?

No, we are not a traditional bank. Instead of checking and savings accounts, we offer affordable loans so that homeowners, businesses and community organizations can invest in energy efficiency, weatherization and renewable power.

Does the Clean Energy Fund of Texas provide loans directly, or connect borrowers with financial institutions that loan the funds?

Both. Although we mainly finance projects from our own balance sheet, we can also leverage a robust network of financial partners to deploy capital where needed.

What kinds of projects does the Clean Energy Fund of Texas support?

We offer a variety of financing products and services to support everything from clean energy improvements (like weatherization and solar) for homes and multi-family units to lines of credit for pre-development projects and more. Check out our Products & Services page for a full list.

How do I apply for a loan?

To start the process, fill out our inquiry form so our mission-driven team of loan officers and community outreach specialists can follow up with you.

Do you fund projects outside of Texas?

At this time we are focused on projects in Texas, where the need and opportunity for clean energy investment is significant. We may expand to other states in the future. To find partner “green banks” in other states, visit the Green Bank Consortium.

Where does the Clean Energy Fund of Texas get its own funding?

We’ve mobilized funding from a mix of public and private sources that are aligned with our mission driven business model to facilitate a more just system of capital deployment.

What is PACE?

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is a federal program for financing energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements on private property. This tried-and-true method for small businesses and nonprofit community organizations helps them borrow money to put toward clean energy upgrades. Overseen by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Texas PACE Authority, PACE financing in Texas ties loans to a property itself and not to the owner of the property. Repayment occurs via property taxes on a parcel.

How can I become a vendor or contractor with the Clean Energy Fund of Texas?

We are always looking for more partners to be part of this movement. Contact us to start the conversation.

Is the Clean Energy Fund of Texas hiring?

Check out our careers page to find out about any open positions.