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Chris Bell Named Chairman of the Board at Clean Energy Fund of Texas

Chris Bell

Clean energy advocate, attorney and former Congressman Chris Bell is the new chairman of the board of directors of Clean Energy Fund of Texas. The financial services partner, now in its third year, aims to save money and energy for thousands of low- and moderate-income Texans.

Bell has practiced law in Texas for over 30 years in a variety of capacities and now has his own litigation practice focused on business and land disputes. He was elected to the Houston City Council in 1997, the United States Congress in 2002, and was the Democratic nominee for governor in 2006.

“Collaboration with key decisionmakers and stakeholders in Washington will be the key to accessing Inflation Reduction Act funding that will create jobs and drive green energy in Texas,” said Bell. “I am honored to help guide this fast-growing financial services nonprofit at this crucial time for our state, country and planet.”

Bell brings years of experience and relationships to the work to ensure that our products and programs have the maximum impact and are carried out in compliance with federal regulations.

“Chris is the best person to guide our board during what promises to be a huge year for clean energy,” said Billy Briscoe, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Clean Energy Fund of Texas.

Former board chair Stephen K. Brown II moves into the role of Founder & Chairman Emeritus and will focus on supporting the organization’s implementation of the federal Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.

Meet the full staff and board team here.