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Billy Briscoe Named CEO of Clean Energy Fund of Texas

Respected strategist and business leader promoted from executive vice president/chief operating officer position at growing nonprofit “green bank”
Billy Briscoe

Billy Briscoe has been named Chief Executive Officer of Clean Energy Fund of Texas, a Houston-based financial services nonprofit aiming to save money and energy for thousands of low and moderate-income Texans.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently selected Clean Energy Fund of Texas along with the Bullard Center for Environmental and Climate Justice at Texas Southern University for a $156 million grant through its Solar For All program, in addition to other funding sources.

“Billy is the ideal person to guide this fast-growing organization through its phase of intense growth and impact,” said Chris Bell, the Clean Energy Fund of Texas Board Chair. “As we leverage federal and private funding to drive low-interest financing to clean energy, water and resilience projects, Billy’s leadership will help deliver on the promises of the Inflation Reduction Act and the green economy.”

Billy has over 25 years of experience providing management and strategic advisory services to Fortune 1000 companies on business, legal, legislative and regulatory matters. Through his various roles, he has successfully managed large-scale, multi-state implementation efforts. Prior to joining Clean Energy Fund of Texas, Billy was managing partner of The Briscoe Group, PLLC, a business transaction and litigation firm with offices in Houston and Dallas. He is also the managing partner of a private investment entity, specifically targeting distressed and alternative business platforms in need of short-term capital infusion.

“I am honored to step up and continue leading this powerhouse team of equity-driven finance leaders,” said Briscoe. “Thanks to leadership from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Coalition for Green Capital, we are in a position to leverage resources to transform the economy in the South, create jobs and save money, water and electricity to the Texans who need those savings the most.”

Over the remainder of 2024, Clean Energy Fund of Texas will focus on the following:

·Scaling up to meet the scale needed to serve our customers and partners

·Signing up home and business owners who want low-interest financing so they can make their properties more resilient, energy- and water-efficient

·Partnering with more and more contractors who will be in position to install solar panels, upgrade roofs, replace HVAC systems and more

·Working with other green banks and financial institutions to lend out funds expediently and efficiently

·Marketing our products and services to the people who need them the most

“Billy has been key to Clean Energy Fund of Texas since this green bank was just an idea, and I’m thrilled for him to take the helm at this momentous time for the green economy,” said Stephen K. Brown II, founder and chairman emeritus of the organization. “Under Billy’s leadership, Clean Energy Fund of Texas will deploy capital to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create green jobs and catalyze community wealth building.”

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