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Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

The mission of the Clean Energy Fund of Texas is to make clean energy conservation resources affordable for all Texans. We believe that an equitable transition to a clean and regenerative economy will mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis, eliminate energy poverty, create good green jobs and catalyze economic development opportunities in historically under-resourced communities. We will accomplish this by accelerating the flow of green capital into underserved markets to provide all Texans with a healthier, more prosperous and just future.

Our Core Values

At the Clean Energy Fund of Texas, our core values shape how we interact with our clients, our contractors, our partners and each other. As your trusted financial partner to grow the clean energy economy, why we exist and how we treat each other is more important than what we do. 

Equity and Justice – We interact responsibly and compassionately with those most affected by high energy costs and an unreliable electric grid to center the people with the most to gain from a clean energy economy.

Access – We focus on making the clean energy economy and its benefits available to every Texan, regardless of income.

Collaboration – We value authentic relationships, not transactional ones, and we know we can’t fully transition to a clean energy economy fast enough unless everyone is part of the fight.

Data Driven – We measure our impact and calculate the rates at which Texans from all backgrounds save money, save energy, and grow the green economy.

Integrity – We offer high-quality, trusted financial support for homeowners, renters, businesses and others wishing to catalyze clean energy in Texas.

Stewardship – We carefully leverage funds so that Texans can make clean energy upgrades that will pay long-term dividends.

Sustainability – Our data-driven approach to financing means Texans can feel secure that their clean energy upgrades are sound financial decisions that will save them money and improve our global environment.