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Your trusted financial partner to grow the clean energy economy 

At the Clean Energy Fund of Texas, we catalyze financially responsible investments in energy efficiency, wind and solar power so that Texans from all backgrounds can grow the clean energy economy. Boosting the energy efficiency of a house, apartment or business is a commonsense investment that pays for itself over time. We remove red tape and provide trusted, competitive financing so that every Texan can be part of this movement. 

We can’t fully transition to a clean energy economy fast enough unless everyone is part of the solution. Texas is already a national leader in wind and solar energy, but not every Texan can access clean energy. Limiting access to money-saving, energy-saving upgrades is inequitable and won’t get us far enough or fast enough to fix the climate crisis. From fires to floods and from droughts to hurricanes, the threats are too great to rely on traditional financing models that are cumbersome and can burden families and businesses with debt.

Save money. Save energy.
Grow the green economy. 

As the first “green bank” in Texas, we have assembled a team with a proven track record of growing clean energy through capital investment. We believe that everyone has a role to play in building the clean energy economy. Our role is to provide the financial boost to get more Texans started.

The mission of the Clean Energy Fund of Texas is to make clean energy resources affordable for all Texans. We believe that an equitable transition to clean energy will mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis, eliminate energy poverty, create green jobs and catalyze economic development opportunities in historically under-resourced communities. We will accomplish this by accelerating the flow of green capital into underserved markets to provide all Texans a healthier, prosperous and just future.

Our Approach

The Clean Energy Fund of Texas primarily serves people with limited or no access to banks by providing low-cost financing options for home, office and community based green energy solutions. We play the long game, securing patient capital that provides returns over a long period of time to the public funds, philanthropic grants and private investments that support us.

In turn, our mission-driven team of loan officers and community outreach specialists build sufficient trust among customers, contractors and community members to facilitate the disbursement of our capital to fund clean, green, and sustainable improvements.

Our Role in the Clean Energy Economy

Kickstarting clean energy to low income Texans benefits the economy in multiple ways. As the waves ripple out from our initial capital investment, new jobs and opportunities spread in all directions. Workers will need to build and run new factories to manufacture solar panels, wind turbines and energy efficient products. Truckers will need to deliver those materials across the state. We’ll need to train and employ thousands of builders and installers, equipped with the latest tools and technology.

At the Clean Energy Fund of Texas, we provide the capital investment to catalyze the chain reaction that grows the clean energy economy. From investing in micro suppliers to supporting the wholesale shift of the labor force to newer, cleaner jobs, our responsible financial approach forms the backbone of this new economy. 

Our Impact

The Clean Energy Fund of Texas has several innovative projects underway, and our team has decades of successful green finance projects under their belts.

From electric vehicle programs for low-income Texans to solar and lighting upgrades for small businesses and manufacturing centers, the Clean Energy Fund of Texas is a trusted financial partner committed to saving you money and energy.

Our History

The Clean Energy Fund of Texas began in 2021 as a way to deploy capital for commercial, nonprofit and residential energy retrofits, as well as accelerating the development of community solar power in Texas. 

With the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in 2022, the federal government formalized community investment funds like us that enable the deployment of clean energy technology (sometimes called “green banks”).

The IRA also includes a $27 billion Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund for the EPA to use through September 2024.

Learn More About Us

Our experienced team of clean tech and finance veterans is ready to assist you. We believe that everyone has a role to play in building the clean energy economy. Our role is to provide the financial boost to get more Texans started.