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Focusing on People & Homes

The Clean Energy Fund of Texas aims to reduce greenhouse gases and address climate equity by financing energy efficiency, weatherization & water conservation.

Introducing the Clean Energy Fund of Texas

Products & Services

We offer a variety of products and services to help you save money and save energy.


Learn more about green banks around the country, the potential for clean energy financing to reduce Texans’ energy burden and more.

How the loan process works

1. Apply online

Apply today through this website, and find out which products and financing fit you best.

2. Review

Our team of loan officers and community outreach specialists will carefully review each application.

3. Financing

Once approved, our financial partners will process the funding so you can get started.

4. Start saving

With your clean energy and efficiency projects running, you will start saving money and energy.

At the Clean Energy Fund of Texas, we provide the capital investment to kickstart the chain reaction that grows a more just and inclusive clean energy economy. From investing in homes and nonprofits to supporting the wholesale shift of the labor force to newer, cleaner jobs, our responsible financial approach forms the backbone of this new, equitable economy.

Stephen K. Brown II, Clean Energy Fund of Texas founder


Energy Burdens in Texas

About 41% of Texas households (3.8 million households) qualify as low-income. The energy burden – the percentage of these households’ total income spent on energy – is between 6 and 15.5%, beyond the 6.0% recommended by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The kinds of energy efficiency upgrades that the Clean Energy Fund of Texas finances could save these Texans up to 30% off their monthly utility bills.